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Have you ever had your dog, cat, reptile or small pet mated and then spent weeks wondering if she was pregnant?  Well now you don't have to wait and wonder any more. Using modern mobile ultrasound technology I am able to scan your bitch, queen or small pet at anytime from 28 days after mating and confirm whether they are pregnant or not, say how many babies there are, if there are any over-sized pups/kittens and if so give you an idea of when in the birthing process they might appear. I can also identify water babies (also known as walrus pups) from 6 weeks.

Scans can be carried out from 25 days after first mating, but I have found 28+ days gives a much more accurate picture. You will be able to see your new babies moving around inside their mum!

As part of the scan I will also check the horns/uterus for signs of fluid which could suggest the presence of an infection.

For reptile scans you will be able to see egg sacs and on more advanced gestations you might even see the babies wriggling around!

Don't take the risk of your bitch, queen, reptile or small pet picking up an infection from a waiting room - have your scan, premate test or semen analysis done in the safety of your own home. It is much less stressful for them aswell!

How is it carried out?



I carry out all my scans in a stress-free home environment (unlike a trip to your local vet!) and they are completely painless.  There is no need to shave any fur - even on longer haired animals, and large and small breeds are scanned equally as easily.

Or I  can carry out scans in the comfort of your own home which hopefully allows the mum to be to remain calm and settled during the scan.

I can even bring my scanner out with me and carry out a scan from my car if necessary.

The choice of venue is yours.

 A scan of a 28 day old puppy