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Quotes I just want to say what a fantastic service this is. My Bulldog and I had a very stressful experience last year at the vets during a scan to confirm pregnancy and my bulldog went on to miscarry the pups. What a huge relief it was when Trudy was recommend to me this time round. She came to my home and scanned my Bulldog with no stress or problems. My Bulldog was happy and very relaxed and even enjoyed the all fuss. Thanks Trudy! Quotes

Quotes This was our first ever breeding as you can imagine we had no clue what we were doing! We asked trudy to come along and help with the initial breeding process in which she successfully helped our girl get pregnant. We then used trudy to scan our girl and told us to expect between 8 and 10pups. By this time we were really nervous so we asked trudy to come along to the birth and help with the whelping. Can't praise this lady enough every step of the way she was calm and knew exactly what she was doing! She managed to save 3 pups which we more than likely would of lost of it weren't for her, our roxy delivered 9 healthy pups in the end we were so pleased 😊. Would recommend trudy to anyone and will defiantly be using her again in the future thank you so much trudy xxxx Quotes
Chelsie Thompson
Proud mummy

Quotes i just want to say a HUGE thank you to Trudy who delivered my 6 pups 3 weeks ago. she had scanned for 6 and 6 were all born alive and healthy. i certainly could not have done this without Trudy. she is a true professional and doesn't mind staying however long it takes - in this case 20 hours. if you invite Trudy you wont regret it but just make sure you have plenty of teabags as she likes a cuppa every hour! Quotes
vivien hyde
really happy puppy owner

Quotes Good service, worth the money for peace of mind. We had a scan showing three puppies and thats what we had (1 girl and 2 boys.) Would highly recommend. Quotes
Lhasa Apso

Quotes After my local vets were unable to confirm weather or not my bitch was pregnant after a scan,i turned to Trudy. The service she offers is fantastic, with in 5 minutes she was able to confirm that she was pregnant and gave me an idea of how many pups she was carrying. Not only that she offered me a lot of advise from her vast knowledge of breeding. Would highly recommend to every1 Quotes
Paul Heard

Quotes We would recommend trudy to anybody, she is very proffesional and seems to know exactly what she is talking about. We had trudy for the pre mate swabbing where she could tell down to the day when it was ready to mate... We then had her for the scans, and not only is she very proffesional she is really reliable too. The scans are not expensive at all and she makes your dogs feel at ease the minute she walks in the door.. We have had some bad experiences before but since we used trudy everything has been plain sailing... We have used blood tests in the past but would definately use the swabbing in future Quotes
Jamie / zoe gardner
Highly recomended

Quotes I had been hoping my dogs would mate for a year but although they both seemed very keen, mother nature didn't seem to be helping so I called Trudy and took them round to her house where we managed to help them to successfully mate. They just needed a bit of guidance. We mated them again a couple of days later and then the next morning did it all by themselves! Puppies are due in a week. Thank you so much for your help. Quotes
helen bunter
mating help success

Quotes I found Trudy at Breeder scan through google search engine! What a find!, The service she provides is EXCELLENT! i would highly recommend this company to anyone and wouldn't have my pets scanned by anyone else! Trudy keep up the great work and service you provide!! Quotes
Scott Hayward
Customer who would highly recommend!

Quotes Thanks for scanning both girls highly recommended as normally i have to travel to the vets : very Happy Nan to be will keep you posted on both girls & Babies Quotes
Amandastaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers" Satisfied Nan to be "

Quotes Trudie you were amazing!!! Right from the first time you called, Maya took to you straight away, we were somewhat shocked when you scanned Maya and ceremoniously declared (she?s got a belly full!!!!). You didn?t help matters much on your second visit when you confirmed your earlier findings by telling us that we should prepare to expect 6-10 puppies!!!!!!! On the day that Maya went into labour you dropped everything and at 2.00am in the morning you were at our gates to help with the big event. As you know Maya played the Diva and needed the help from the vet to get things going. Then it was all hands on deck, eight bouncing baby Alaskan Malamutes later we were faced with Maya not having any milk and we were looking at the reality of hand rearing the entire litter, you were brilliant in immediately setting up the bottle feeding regime and as a result we have fully reared all eight magnificent pups!! Now the bad news keep your diary handy, we may need your assistance for th Quotes
Mr & Mrs Cochran
Satisfied parents
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