Mobile ultrasound pregnancy scanning and breeding
services for dogs, cats, reptiles & pets

Rates & Services                                     

Appointments available weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan

(carried out by a professionaly trained and experienced sonographer).

The charge for an ultrasound scan is £25 

I check all bitches/queens for uterine infections as part of the scan and will be able to tell you how many puppies/kittens there are, if there are any oversized babies and when they are due to be born. For bitches I am able to tell you roughly where in the birthing process any big puppies are due to make an appearance.

I can also identify signs of possible absorbtion and can spot water babies (walrus pups) from 7 weeks gestations.

If the scan is negative, you will be entitled to 1 free re-scan if taken within 14 days (to be carried out at my premises).  This is to allow for late conceptions.

There will be no need to shave your bitch or queen (even if they are long-haired) and the whole experience will be carried out in a friendly and calm manner. You can even have a photo of the scan as a keepsake! (included in the price).

 , accuate

 Film of a scan

 This is a scan of a 33 day pregnancy. You will see a single puppy, then 2 puppies. If you look carefully you will see the puppies hearts beating.

 This is a photo of a gravid snake

Whelping assistance

I know from experience how stressful dog breeding can be - especially whelping your bitch and bringing her puppies safely in to the world.

I will come to your home and whelp your bitch for you and hopefully pass on my knowledge so that you feel confident enough to assist a whelping bitch yourself in future. I will not, however, take the place of a veterinary surgeon and will advise you if your bitch needs to be seen by your vet at any time during the delivery.

The charge for this service is £250 and I will stay with your bitch until all her pups have been safely delivered - usually around 12 hours (but can be longer).

Additional services offered


Pre-mate ovulation swabbing of bitches

This is a swab from a bitch on day 9 of her season


To identify the optimum time for mating.  A quick, very accurate and painless way of pin-pointing the best time to mate your bitch - £25 per swab ( results available within 20 minutes). All carried out at your own home.


Semen analysis

  This is an analysis I completed 20/09/11

Basic semen analysis - £40 (this includes collection of semen). Cost also includes a copy of your dog's analysis in photograph or on CD (see above video). Put your semen test on your website to advertise your stud dog.


 Mating assistance/Artifical Insemination for dogs

I can come to your home or the home of the stud dog and help with the mating process. This is invaluable when using a maiden dog or bitch and ensures that the process is a positive experience for both dogs.  The last thing you want is to put your bitch or young dog off being mated again in the future  - £40 per mating.

Or I can  AI your bitch if preferred. I use a new and sterile AI kit for every insemination to reduce the possibility of introducing infection to the dog or bitch - £40 per insemination. This includes collection of semen.



 Did you know that by 2016 all dogs and puppies that you wish to register with the kennel Club will have to be microchipped before registration?  I have a trained and experienced Microchip Technician who will come out to your home to microchip your litters. And for smaller breeds we can use the latest "mini" microchip to reduce the discomfort of the chipping process. Don't risk infection or illness from a waiting room full of animals - have them chipped in the quiet and safety of your own home

- £12 per puppy/kitten/small pet


 Discretion assured with all services used.

Home visits

I am based in Coventry, West Midlands and am very happy to carry out home visits by arrangement. I currently travel all round the Midlands and surrounding areas and am happy to give quotes for other areas farther away.

Basic cost of mileage is £5 per 20 miles travelled to and from your home (or part of) then add on the cost of service required.

Wherever you are based, text me your postcode and  will work out the cost of your required service for you - you will be surprised how reasonable my travelling costs      are .

Please either phone, text or email for a price quoting your postcode - 07531808328  or